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Svetlana Loboda

Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)
EDU review:
She is by self-admission 'the crazy bom bom.' Senselss lyrics cashing in on the GFC and very reminiscent of Flight of the Conchords' 'She's So Hot... Boom.'
Stageshow threw nearly every cliche into a hilarious and camp free-for-all. Semi naked centurions in silver foil, drums, fire, somersaults and Svetlana shoving her unmentionables into one poor dancer's face.
place: 12th
score: 76

douze: 12 to Norway

2007Ani Lorak2302nd
2007Verka Serduchka2352nd
2006Tina Karol1457th
2004Ruslana Lyzhichko2801st
2003Olexandr Ponomaryov3014th
1st (2004)
Svetlana is an aspiring solo artist and fashion designer with a range of sl*t-gear called Beaver (subtle!). She was a member of Via-Gra for five months in 2004. To avoid trademark lawsuits Via-Gra are known outside of the former USSR as Nu Virgos (The New Virgins).
Russian representative Anastasiya Prihodko was disqualified from the Ukrainian Nationals (with song Za tebe znov).

Dropped from the Soviet bloc in 2005. Watch for votes from whoever qualifies out of Romania & Moldova.