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Jade Ewen

It's My Time
EDU review:
It's been so long, we're not sure how to praise an English entry. We mean, sure, Jade was dressed well and is stunning looking, and she hit all the right notes in the right order and even Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber wasn't a total twat. But it's still a warbling piece of yuck written by Dianne Warren on a bad day - which is very catchy! Argh!!
The seven year itch is over for France and the United Kingdom, both making it back into the Top Ten for the first time since 2002.
place: 5th
score: 173

douze: 12 to Turkey

One of the Big Four: automatically in the Grand Final each year.
2008Andy Abraham1425th
2006Daz Simpson2519th
2005Javine Hylton1822nd
2004James Fox2916th
1st (1967, 69, 76, 81, 97)
Dianne Warren (author of the theme to Star Trek: Enterprise) co-wrote this entry with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Webber will reportedly play the piano on stage at Moscow!

The large Irish minority in the UK typically sees the 12 points going there.