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Noa and Mira Awad

There Must Be Another Way
EDU review:
After an off-key semi (one of many - were there sound problems we wonder?) the Final was delivered perfectly by the Israeli Arab and Israeli Jew duo. A swelling ballad of peace sung in Hebrew, Arab and English - and of them the English could have been let go. A few moments of drumming on old olive oil tins broke the monotony but undermined the cred.
Not a lot of support for the sentiment after this year's incursion into Gaza, with only 10 nations giving it any points: and only Belgium, Bosnia and France gave them 8 or more.
"Mary's put money on this to win... Goodbye money" (Norton)
place: 16th
score: 53

douze: 12 to Norway

Copped a huge Lebanon backlash in 2007 (esp. with a political satire song)
2008Bo'az Ma'uda1249th
2006Eddie Butler423rd
2005Shiri Maymon1544th
2004David D'Or5726th
2003Lior Narkis1719th
Won: 1998, 1978 and 1979

Émigré population can favour Russia and Ukraine, but only if they don't suck... an ethnic tilt, rather than obvious dodginess.