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Alex Swings Oscar Sings

"Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
EDU review:
Swing has never been so cool. A good song, sung well and with a killer stage act (if we'd been allowed to see it - thanks Channel 1 Russia!).
The editors all ranked this at the bottom end of the Final 25, but thought Graham Norton's comment was a bit unkind: "I didn't want to poison your minds against that people, but that was pants"
We were outraged (as many of us are big Dita fans) that the cameras deliberately avoided showing her until the last few moments. The snub / censorship stemmed from the dress rehearsal where Dita flashed the edge of a Swarovski pastie covering her nipples.
Dita commented via her twitter account that: "I didn't take my boobs out...It's the coat removal they have a problem with, the corset is too low cut."
Despite a slight compromise by Miss Kiss Kiss Bang, the Russian broadcaster ensured she was never in focus nor in close up until her coat was off and they were sure the corset was covering everything... thus ruining the entire stageshow.
We'll leave the final word to Dita: "The argument is about respecting other countries' beliefs...Hey, but what about the oiled-up guys in loincloths?!?"
place: 20th
score: 35

douze: 12 to Norway

One of the Big Four. They've thrown everything at ESC: lunatics (1998), the blind (2002), country (2006) and crooners (2007). What's left?
2008No Angels1423rd
2007Roger Cicero4919th
2006Texas Lightning3615th
2004Max Mutzke938th
Highest: WON, 1982

Minorities in Germany can see the douze going to Turkey or Poland.