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Petr Elfimov

Eyes That Never Lie
EDU review:
Sounding like a bad 1980s action TV series' theme (MacGyver? Hardcastle & McCormick?) the guitar wank factor is hilarious. Surprisingly, Elfimov was brilliant live on the night, playing to camera and very nearly pulling off an all-white outfit and that hair. Kudos, sir!
Is often been asked what would it take for Belarus to not award 12 points to Russia... well, that would be a great song written and performed by a Norwegian born in Minsk to famous Belarussian classical musicians. Normal vote transmission will resume in 2010.
place: 32nd (DNQ)
score: 25

douze: 12 to Norway

Belarus' highest placing - and only appearance in the Grand Final - is 6th (2007)
2008Ruslan Alekhno2735th
2006Polina Smolova1036th
2005Anzhelika Agurbash6727th
2004Aleksandra & Konstantin1033rd

Belarus has given Russia 12 points five years on the trot - and thus are found extremely guilty of neighbourhood voting. Side-note: They gave Ukraine 10 pts when it was a Russian dominated dictatorship and nil pointe after the Orange Revolution!