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AySel and Arash

EDU review:
Aysel has A-rash you can't get rid of - a successful, chunky man with his eyes on a slightly wooden, gorgeous gal. This is a very middle of the road, inoffensive dancey-folk pop tune written by Arash for Aysel - though why she felt the need to wear the back-half of a dress and then stand on an elevated vent is beyond us. The highest ranked fanny flash of Groin Year.
The Azeris must be so glad this was just a bit less successful - I mean seriously, Eurovision in Baku! Oil may be US$60 a barrel, but they'd still be hitting the IMF for a loan to cover the costs.
place: 3rd
score: 207

douze: 12 to Turkey


2008Elnur Hüseynov1328th
Highest: 8th

Azerbaijan should join the Muslim bloc of votes (Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and nations with large Turkish populations). Dont expect any votes to go to Armenia (they were at war less than 20 years ago).